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Here at ADU by Luxury Construction we specialize at custom new construction of either attached or detached in-law units.

But that's not all!

 we will also complete your house Renovation, Extension, Remodel or New Construction - to PERFECTION.

Our mid-sized company is operated as a family business and with family values. We believe in making the process of new construction as hassle-free and simple as possible for our customers. 

We are an A-Z company, full-service organization where you won’t have to pull in a separate architect, manage contractors, work with the city, or work with structural engineers.



With us your dreams are in safe hands.
License #1079619

Why Us Over The Competition?

Our project managers and staff have many years of experience 
in the field, so we through the years we have created a process 
that works for everyone. 

Our goal is to provide you with as much peace of mind as possible, for this 
reason we offer A-Z services. From the design phase to the final signoff. 
We handle all dealings with the city, ensure code standards are followed, 
complete all necessary inspections. All per the plans and deisgns approved 
by our customers.



ADU stands for accessory dwelling units. They have also been called granny flats, in-law units, backyard cottages, guest houses and more. ADUs are affordable ways to give you more space and privacy without having to add on to your existing home.

Common reasons why people choose to build ADUs. 

  • Income Property

  • Adult Children Moving In

  • Parents Moving In

  • Office/Hobby Space

  • Frequent Out of Town Guests 


ADU by Luxury Construction

We created our company because we saw the value of helping owners generate more income and maximize their properties by building ADUs. The current process is very cumbersome so we have developed a one stop shop from permits to construction. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and make a difference in our communities.

Our clients are able to generate over $2,500 monthly rental income on their ADUs in the Bay Area and increase the value of their house by adding additional legalized livable space.

Why Now?

There is a historic shortage of new homes in the Bay Area. This is a great opportunity to capitalize on the strong rental market while increasing the value of your house. In addition, cities have also made it easier than ever to go through the permit process.

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